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“It’s helpful, sometimes you sit down and need an extra supper for the family and through these loans, you get something to boost your family.”

Boniface M. | Kenya

“The interest rates are very good, a percentage that is affordable, a percentage that is not very high and also the process of getting the loan is very fast and for that I am very grateful.”

Annett A. | Kenya

“I needed some funds to help me move my business to the next level, the process of getting the loan was very efficient and I was grateful for that.  I am looking forward to having more chances to expand my business to another level.”

Chris V. | Kenya


"Great experience! I loved learning about a different culture that I have not been able to experience before. The people of Kenya are welcoming and kind. I loved that I was able to learn more about business on a social impact level." - Jared 


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Josh (middle) is a technical writer and graduated from Utah Valley University in English. He was able to improve our website, grant writing and impact measurement. 


Ben is an economics student at Brigham Young University, Vice President of the BYU Swahili club, and lived in Kenya for 2 years as a volunteer for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
With his skills and abilities, and his experience in Kenya, he was able to help Harvest Hope grow in many ways.  

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