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About Harvest Hope


Harvest Hope is a nonprofit that empowers Kenyans in their efforts to create a better future for their communities by providing education and micro-loans in the form of agricultural goods and services


We extend loans to poultry farmers in the form of healthy day-old chicks. Our team members in Kenya fully train the farmers so they are set up to be successful. Borrowers raise the chickens to sell eggs and meat, repaying their loans and making a profit which they can use to expand their businesses. With the extra income and new skills, borrowers are on their way to becoming self-sufficient.

Rice farms

We lend seeds, farmland, planting services, farming equipment, and other products to help borrowers build successful rice farms. They gain access to our training resources and learn from other successful farmers. As they harvest, borrowers sell their rice to local markets and repay their loans. They reinvest the profits into their businesses or use the extra funds to provide for their families.


We have a small herd of goats, and we extend loans in the form of healthy does (female goats) and kids (baby goats). Borrowers raise their goats and sell milk and meat for money. They repay their loans and many continue growing their own herds. The money they make selling milk and meat helps lift borrowers out of poverty and gives them the ability to help others in need.

Car wash 

Our car wash provides jobs for hardworking Kenyans and produces profits used to extend more loans to qualified borrowers. it also generates the funds required to pay salaries to our Kenya team members, so that 100% of donations we receive can go directly to borrowers.

Other Projects

We are constantly looking for the best ways to serve our borrowers and live up to our mission statement. We are only beginning to scratch the surface, and we have big things in the works. Check back soon to learn about new projects we have going on and how you can help change lives!


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